At Rancho Bayo we focus on the breeding, raising and training of Spanish/Iberian Horses. Our goal is to provide versatile, safe riding companions that bond deeply with their owners. Rancho Bayo carefully chooses our breeding stock to produce the ultimate saddle horses.

Our horses stay with us until they are going under saddle solidly and at the level of their new owner. We have made a serious commitment to each and every horse we breed and we strive to do only the best to ensure our horses not only have the optimal start in life but are set up for success in their new homes.

What you will see in our pictures and videos are not finished horses but ones that are carefully and thoughtfully being brought along in their education. We strive to help our horses become gentle, confident horses that enjoy interaction with humans in both daily handling and work sessions.

We look forward to frequent updates from owners and the emails from our fans all over the world ~ thank you!

We ship Internationally!
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